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For the 2022 season we will run the Fiddy Class as a double header with a qualifying session for each race. Points from each race will count toward the Championship. As always, if we have enough people show up to make an additional class we will do what we can to accommodate, i.e. Stock, Seniors, Powder Puff and/or Rookies.


Rules:  1. ATGATT- all the gear all the time.  2. Always go right (the exception to this rule is if we run "clockwise" always go left).  3. If you miss a cone you must go back around it, failure to do so will result in a stop and go penalty, if infraction occurs on final lap result will be DQ.



"Powder Puff" class:  Women racers 18+ only.  See "Fiddy" class for bike reqirements.


"Fiddy" class:  Racers 18+.  Honda CRF/XR Frame, Swingarm, and Forks must be stock.  Wheels must be 10".  Fork internals may be modified/replaced, no oil or air forks.  Rear shock may be modified/replaced.  Triple tree and handlebars may be modified/replaced.  Engine may be modified up to 88cc's.  All other parts of engine may be modified/replaced as long as it doesn't make more than 88cc's. *Bikes other than the Honda CRF/XR platform may be allowed, but must be approved by F4L. 

"Seniors" class:  Racers 40+*.  See "Fiddy" class for bike requirements.  *Racers under the age of 40 may race a Z50 with no mods other than 88cc kit.


*For rider and spectator safety we are unable to allow Grom's or Z125's to participate in this series at this time. 

**F4L and/or DGMR reserve the right to exclude any rider and/or bike at any time due to safety concerns at any time. 

Effective Nov 4th 2012 Fiddies 4 Life will institute a tear down rule.


$100 will be put up by the protesting party.  $25 will go to Fiddies 4 Life.  $25 will go to tech inspector who performs the tear down.  $50 will go to the winner.  (If bike is legal the owner is the "winner", if the bike is illegal the protester is the "winner") The protesting party must be a currently registered F4L racer. 


Penalty for "illegal" motor - Forfeit all points and DQ for remainder of season.

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